I have been an avid photographer since the first time I picked up a camera back in 1994. I fell in love with the ability to capture a moment and manipulate the resulting image to create what I see as art.

My photographic training started in high school. After starting as a computer science major in college I re-evaluated what really drove me and decided to switch to photography. While attending CSU Sacramento, I became a part time, professional wedding photographer.

Since then my shooting style has gravitated towards portraits and landscapes. One of my favorite techniques is called HDR (High-Dynamic Range). It involves shooting multiple, different valued, exposures (dark, normal, light) and then combining them into one photo that has the lighting range of all 3. The result is a richer image, more reminiscent of what I see at the time of the I take it.

This technique enables me to put an artistic spin on the moments I capture. It is what draws me to photography. I am not a photo-purist by any measure. I believe photography is art and treat it as such. A photo should evoke emotion, inspire a thought, generate an idea, make you feel warm; any of these are my measure of success.